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A very knowledgeable majestic Sadhu Maharaj had come to a city, many poor, unhappy, troubled people started coming to him to get his blessings. One such poor, sad, poor man came to him and said to the sadhu Maharaj, ‘Maharaj I am very poor, Ftly I have a debt too, I am very upset. Do me some favors’.

Sadhu Maharaj gave him a bright blue colored stone, and said ‘this is a precious stone, go get it installed as much as you can. The man left from there and with the intention of saving him went to a fruit seller he knew and showed him the stone and wanted to know its value.

The fruit seller said ‘I think this is a blue mirror, Mahatma has given it to you like this, yes it looks beautiful and shiny, you give it to me, I will give you 1000 rupees for this.

Disappointed, the man went to another acquaintance, who was a pottery dealer. He also showed that stone to the merchant and wanted to know its value to save him. The merchant of utensils said, ‘This stone is a special gem, I will give you 10,000 rupees for it. The man started thinking that its cost would be more and he left this thinking.

That man now showed this stone to a goldsmith, the goldsmith looked at that stone carefully and said that it is very precious, I will give you 1,00,000 rupees.

The man now understood that it is very priceless, he thought why not show it to the diamond merchant, thinking this he went to the biggest diamond merchant of the city. When that diamond merchant saw the stone, he kept looking. Gaya, startled expressions started appearing on his face. He put that stone on his forehead and asked from Ftly where did you get it. That is priceless. Even if I sell my entire property, I cannot pay its price.

learn from the story Learning From The Story

How do we rate ourselves? Are we what other opinions form about us? Your life is priceless, no one can put a price on your life. You can do what you think about yourself. Never underestimate yourself by negative comments of others.

A group of frogs was going through a forest path. Suddenly two frogs fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw that the pit was too deep, all the frogs standing above started shouting, ‘You both can’t get out of this pit, the pit is too deep, you both give up hope of getting out of it.

Those two frogs probably did not listen to the frogs standing above and kept jumping to get out of the pit. The frog standing outside kept saying ‘You both are working in vain, you should give up, you both should give up. You can’t leave.

One of the two frogs that fell into the pit listened to the frogs standing above, and leaving the jump, he sat down in a corner disappointed. The other frog kept trying, jumping as far as he could.

All the frogs standing outside were constantly saying that you should give up, but that frog might not be able to listen to them and kept jumping and after many efforts he came out. The other frogs said, ‘Did you not listen to us?

The frog pointed and told that he cannot listen to them because he is deaf and cannot hear, so he could not listen to anyone. He was thinking that everyone was encouraging him.

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learn from the story Learning From The Story

  1. Whenever we speak, they have an impact on people, so always speak positively.
  2. Whatever people want to say, have full faith in yourself and think positive.
  3. We get success only by hard work, faith in ourselves and positive thinking.

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